Wednesday, 21 August 2013

HRV-101 The Breadwinners and Skinshape

First release HRV-101 available directly from this page..


Strictly analogue sounds from Stockport’s Bakery Studio harking back to the 70’s heyday of Jamaican dub experiments. All recorded on ¼” reel tape utilizing various vintage effects typical of the era. The Breadwinners are the Bakery Studio house band; which may include as many as four or five musicians but is often just Al, stockpiling rhythm tracks for any visiting singers and players.
‘Riddim Box Dub’ is produced, mixed and written by Al Breadwinner. All instruments are played, and music written by Al, excluding the tenor sax that is played by Stally who adds his usual deep felt improvisational touch to the track.
The Breadwinners album ‘Dubs Unlimited’ released at the end of 2012 is also available on King Spinna Records  on LP, CD and Digital Download.


Skinshape (a.k.a Will Dorey) co-founder of Horus Records is a 'bedroom studio' enthusiast, recording all manner of instruments and using tape machines, spring reverbs, and whatever else he can get his hands on to create tracks on Ableton. The outcome often lies somewhere in between reggae/dub and hip-hop beats. ‘Soul Groove’ meanders along a loosely reggae-orientated beat and features two guest performers. Firstly, singer and lyricist Anina crafts a melodious vocal line through the song with her beautifully dreamy voice. Secondly, on the organ we have Mr Jon Moody with some mellow chops and a bone-shattering solo taking us to the next level!! More on Skinshape is most readily available through his soundcloud page or his Facebook page.  

Praise for HRV-101 :

Louder than War
Monkey Boxing
Tacumah (Spanish)